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PLA, ABS, PETG 3d printing


  • What are the services you provide?
    Well we provide as our main bussines 3D printing on demand FDM or Steliography but we also provide CNC machinig and laser cutting.
  • What if the parts I want, I do not have a design?"
    We will do our best to propose you a design, or scan your part for fine accuracy between 0.05 - 0.1 mm accuracy
  • How many parts can you print?
    All depends on the size, but we mostly calculate by meter cubic, to give an idea we print more than 30kg of filaments per day.
  • How long should my service take?
    Typical turnaround time work for all jobs is 1-2 business days after design is arrived to us or being designed by us at our mini factory
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