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3D Printing On Demand



pear3D is a place where ideas get born and crafted with ethics and value. 



Pear3D: Your Vision in High Definition

Welcome to pear3D, where the art of 3D printing is not just a process, it's our passion. As a premier 3D printing company, we specialize in bringing large-scale ideas into high-resolution realities. Our interdisciplinary team, composed of computer and mechanical engineers along with creative artists from HES-SO, unites under one mission: to craft your ideas into 3D-printed masterpieces with precision and flair.

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Engineering Excellence in Every Print

Our 3D printing services are the heartbeat of innovation across various industries. Whether it's intricate medical devices, advanced automotive components, dynamic robotic mechanisms, or customized fashion statements, pear3D is synonymous with exceptional quality and engineering marvel. We celebrate the fusion of function and form, delivering not just prints, but a promise of performance and aesthetics.

Step into the future of manufacturing with pear3D – where every print tells a story of technological prowess and creative vision.

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